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UUMA2 and UUMA3 programmes

The goal of the UUMA2 and 3 programmes is to promote the use of recovered materials in groundworks and thus decrease the use of untouched natural resources and the environmental effects of groundworks.

The programme especially focuses on promoting eco-efficient project-specific material solutions and the commercialisation of groundworks with recovered materials. The main focus of the programme is on product development, in the development of planning and acquisitions carried out by clients and the related demonstration projects.

The programme aims to:

  • introduce more commercialised UUMA materials to the markets
  • support the development of planning and acquisitions carried out by clients
  • decrease the use of rock and gravel materials in groundworks
  • produce information for the development of the environmental legislation so that legislation supports eco-efficient new groundworks.


Ramboll Finland Oy is in charge of implementing the UUMA2 programme and Motiva Oy is in charge of its communications.


Contact information:

UUMA2 programme coordinator:

TkT/Dr Pentti Lahtinen
Ramboll Finland Oy,
puh./tel. +358 20 755 6746

About UUMA

Natural rock materials to be used in groundworks can be replaced with recovered materials acquired from surplus ground, industrial by-products and waste, mildly contaminated ground and materials from old groundworks. These materials are called UUMA materials. They can be used in groundworks such as they are or as components to replace untouched rock material or to improve their properties.

Construction consumes over 100 million tonnes of rock materials in Finland annually. The consumption of natural rock materials totals on average 70–80 million tonnes annually. Recovered materials, possibly suitable for construction purposes, are produced annually almost to the same amount. The promotion of the use of recovered materials is a highly efficient way of improving material efficiency and can lead to a significant decrease in the use of untouched natural resources and energy consumption required in their transport.

The use of recovered materials to be utilised in groundworks can be significantly increased by the commercialisation of materials and developing construction technology, planning and acquisitions.

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